Is 3M Crystalline Auto Film A smart investment?


The 3M Crystalline Auto Film is a window film that is made to give your vehicle reduced look and also offer superior clarity and performance compared to other films. 3M Crystalline Auto Film is created using a proprietary form of multilayer optical film which is made to a high-tech recipe. It combines more than 200 layers in the special film which is thinner than a normal post-it-note.

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This super high tech recipe means that even thought the film is clear, it will still reject more heat when compared to a darker colored film from the rival manufacturer - so you can keep your car comfortable without changing the way in which it looks.

The heat from your sun comes from two main sources. The foremost is the visible light, which you can see, and the second is infrared light - which you cannot see, but which you can feel. These crystalline films reject around 97 percent from the infrared light, which is the light that produces most of the heat. This means that they block about 60 percent of the heat that might otherwise pass through of the question and turn your car into a highly effective greenhouse.

While these films filter out 60 or more percent with the heat that would otherwise go into the car, they allow 90 % of the light in to the vehicle. This means that you can still see clearly. In addition, they are non-metallized, which means that you don't have to be worried about them interfering with your GPS device's functionality, or impairing your phone signal.

Another advantage of this tint would it be will not discolor with time the way a lot of other types of tint are prone to doing. Which means that you can be confident that once it is fitted it will be beneficial for many years.

If you want to maintain your car looking the way does right now, but want to be able to drive in hot environments without always obtaining the air conditioning running full blast, a good tint from 3M may be the logical choice. You can find laws governing the forms of tint that you are permitted to have in different areas, but a tint that does not block much light whatsoever is unlikely to be an issue. However, you should check your state's specific laws before you decide to invest in a tint, to make sure you are not going to get into downside to the law for driving with all the tints installed.

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Make sure to choose a trusted brand - such as 3M - there are other companies on the market that make window tints only with 3M can you be certain that you will get a tint that you can trust, with a warranty that makes sure that if you have them installed by a professional by a qualified person they are going to serve you well for many years, without cracking, peeling or discoloration under normal daily use in your vehile.